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Joker: Persona 5

Joker Gif by Anonymous from

Quick info:

Joker's name is original name is Ren Amamiya. He was a highschooler who was accused of assualt and thus sent to live with his parole officer. During his time there, he discovered the power of Persona with his other delinquent accomplises, taking down badguys to later uncover the ultimate truth.

Joker's Special Skill Set

Joker's Main Persona


Arsene is the Persona that Joker mainly uses, giving him an upgrade in his special skill set. He is automatically summoned when the Rebellion Gauge is filled to the max. This can be filled using Joker's counter or by both taking damage as well as recieving it.

Full Joker Render by Atheerios from

My thoughts on Joker's:


  1. Joker is a small character, meaning he is more manuverable and harder to hit.
  2. His small self has the advantage of also being fast, that mobility allows him to make devestating and punishable combos to his enemies.
  3. His skill set gives him powerful melee capabilities such as using his dagger, gun, and Persona powers to good use in a fight.
  4. His skills not only pack punch but also has ranged advantages against any non-ranged characters, thus dishing out more damage.


"If you have advantages, that also means you have disadvantages."

  1. Because he has a small body, it is easier for Joker to be knocked out of the stage by strong hits.
  2. His skill set is ranged and strong, but take a little bit in order to activate more than others.
  3. Most skills deal damage, that is true, but not enough to knock his enemies off stage to destroy them.
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