Ike: Fire Emblem

Quick info:

Ike is a swordsman character in Super Smash Ultimate, he came from the game, "Fire Emblem". He is a character that fights for those he loves and uses his strength and quick wits to accomplish his goals.


Ike's Special Skill Set

Ike's Ultimate Move:

Great Aether

If you get hit with this ultimate smash move, Ike brings up his enemies in a multi hit combo until bringing them down in the middle of the screen and blasting them off stage or instantly destroying them in any direction. Mainly up.

My thoughts on Ike's:


  1. Ike is a strong character, dealing heavy amounts of damage to his opponents.
  2. His skills that charge deal out even more powerful damage than when it isn't charged for quick destruction
  3. Because of Ike's Aether, it isn't easy to stop it when it comes up and after it goes down.
  4. Ike's recovery can be used with his up "B" or his side "B" depending on where his position is.


  1. Ike is very slow up to the point where it is annoying, even his running isn't that fast.
  2. Ike may be able to deal a lot of damage but his special skills are about as slow as his speed.
  3. His capabilies along with his counter isn't too helpful all the time since you need to look the direction that you want to counter.

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